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About Us

Sid·dur is the Hebrew word for prayer book. It's a central article in the Jewish faith, around which the synogogue and the home revolve.

Books in general are synonymous with Judaism, as the Talmud states "The Jewish people, the Torah, and G d are really one." The Siddur is unique in that, setting the framework through which our hearfelt prayers flow, it's applicable to everyone, for everyone prays.

And the Siddur doesn't end there - in this prayer book is also Torah and blessings, and it guides us in our observance of the Mitzvot.

Every Jew, from the day they're born, has a special soul which is a part of G d himself. And everyone in the world owns certain physical possesions. The Siddur which we give to our children as their own special item belongs to the child's G dly soul, and it bridges that soul into their growing self.

Our service is here to help raise the bar in the spiritual sensitivity of our children. By adding a personal touch to children's first Jewish books, we can all pave the way to a healthy upbringing and a healthy world in the next generation.


Alef Book is a division of Judaica Enterprises. Our website was founded on the Hebrew day of 22 Shevat 5779, corresponding to January 2019, by Rayi Stern along with a small dedicated team and hours of volunteer work.

We have an extensive roadmap of further titles to add to our library, including books for all ages and all groups, new features, and creative strategy to reach our goal: for every Jewish child to have their own Siddur, Haggadah, Chumash, and other Jewish books, along with a Tzadakah box and other Jewish items of their own.

Our vision is for our children to be comfortable and familiar with G d and with concepts of Judaism and morality. And for this spiritual side to expand outside of the child's own quarters, and - as children are highly influential and do not keep things quiet - to turn the entire world into a more moral and G dly place.


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