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Branding And Corporate Update

Hello to all our followers. First, some stats. It's been less than 4 months since our launch, and we have sold close to 500 books! About half of those were personalized books (yes we do some non personalized as well), and over 150 were Haggadahs for Passover. We've worked with some great schools and organizations delivering our personalized board books to four different countries so far (Israel still isn't on the list for some reason). We have 2 new books on the way (one to be released tomorrow), plus some really great surprises down the line.

We've been lucky enough to have a great team and some great companies which we've been working with.

After that long long introduction, the news:

We will now be operating under one formal name: Alef Book. The company is doing full rebranding, including legal and so on, plus in the media. So unfortunately there will be no more of the 'My Own', however, we do have a great new slogan as part of our rebranding process: 'Prayer is personal' (you get it, like cause we sell personalized items... It goes further though, because the concept of a prayer book is to standardize prayer, so it's like catchy.)

We'll be rolling out immediately this new uniform branding across all platforms and media. Please be in touch if there is anything that we can do to help clarify anything during this process!



Thanks for being a valued customer and reader




P.S. - We're keeping our logo, and we've perfected our colorful letter design. Fonts have been chosen; we'll share details once our book templates are all up to date with that change.

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